ICT Innovation Center Portal

The background

To start, why?

The ICT Innovation Center was a nascent office within the Autónoma de Occidente University; it would be in charge of structuring all the processes of technological appropriation within the campus, education mediated by information technologies and promoting the new pedagogical methodologies of the university.

The challenge

Understanding users needs

The CIT should create a communication channel and support the student community in the use of all the technological tools they would use on campus. They were looking for the best way to make their official presentation within the university, trying to keep it informed and trained according to the guidelines established by the academic vice-rectory.

The approach

Creating opportunities

We decided to create a brand that generates connections mediated by technology among its principal actors. This brand had to have a communication channel suitable for internal and external audiences, as well as support all the virtual teaching platforms inflexible schedules.

The concept

Crafting experiences


The design

Typography and color scheme


The branding


Iterate 1,2,3


Wireframes final version


The development

User centered design

This site was built with WordPress uses a responsive grid of 12 columns based on Sussy, the styles developed in SASS and all its icons constructed in SVG.

For each section, personalized contents and personalized query were made to generate the respective views with the necessary content type.

It has a Zopin Chat plugin to provide all the offline support and to be able to track all the requirements of the students.

The deliver

Visual design


Boom !!!


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ICT Innovation Center Portal

Major learnings

With this project, I delved into the development of brands, including the use of grids for the development of responsive websites and I began to learn how to make modifications in the WordPress backend.

Thanks for watching 😀